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Youth Academy Training
Training will be held at 2 different locations:  The Jordan Soccer Complex and the Fayetteville Academy.  There will be 2 practices each week at each location.  All Youth Academy players will train together every second saturday morning at The Jordan Soccer Complex.  Each player will have a preferred location.  You can also train at the other location at no extra cost.  

Training schedule for August.

The Jordan Soccer complex = JSC
The Fayetteville Academy = FA

Week 1
Aug 5, Mon @ FA, 6pm
Aug 6,Tues @ FA, 6pm
Aug 7, Wed @ FA, 6pm
Aug 8, Thurs@ FA, 6pm

Week 2
Aug 12, Mon@FA, 6pm
Aug 13, Tues@JSC, 6pm
Aug 14, Wed@FA, 6pm
Aug 15 Thurs@JSC, 6pm
Aug 17, Sat@JSC, 9am(all kids)

Week 3
Aug 20, Tues@FA, 6pm (all kids)
Aug 22, Thurs@JSC, 6pm
Aug 25, Sun@FA, 4pm

Week 4
Aug 26, Mon@FA, 6pm
Aug 27, Tues@JSC, 6pm
Aug 28, Wed@FA, 6pm
Aug 29, Thurs@FA, 6pm

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